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Patent Drawing Reveals Next Generation Google Glass

Google Glass was the hit when it was showcased during the Google Developer Conference back in 2012. But the product has struggled recently both in terms of the image problem it has and general development making it a product that Google can bring to the masses.

Google doesn’t seem to be distracted by that though, just earlier this week it was reported that the next generation of Google Glass will feature an Intel processor which could result in improved efficiency and Intel is also said to be involved on the hardware side of things.

Google has filled for a patent which included a drawing of what could be the next generation Glass.


What’s new / different:

  • The camera and screen has been shifted to the right eye
  • No large battery
  • Ear hooks (batteries?)
  • No nose support

Can Google make Google Glass a success after all with a new design, updated hardware and the Intel partnership?

Google to get access to your health data with Google Fit

The Google I/O conference is going to take place on June 25 and 26 and at the event Google is going to launch Google Fit according to Forbes.

Google is going directly up against Apple and also Samsung which is betting big on their own platform Sami and therefore are unlikely to integrate Google Fit in their future mobile devices in case it is included in future Android versions.
According to Forbes, Google is already to announce a number of partnerships with wearable device makers at the conference.

Privacy concerns are nothing new when it comes to Google and there are surely going to be a number of people which will not be keen to give Google access to their health information.