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PC Has Become The World’s Largest Game Platform, Consoles Not That Interesting Anymore

According to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun, consoles are not the best gaming platform anymore. He is praising PC gaming which according to him has overtaken console gaming, especially in emerging markets.

“My sense is that the game console platform is not likely to enjoy the hay days when it was really unambiguously the only and the best game platform to enjoy games. It’s just not true anymore. There are just too many other ways to enjoy games.

The PC has become the world’s largest game platform. China, the developing countries around the world, PC is a piece of platform they already own. They can upgrade it two, three, four times without having to change the basic platform. So the total of cost of ownership of a game PC is quite attractive,” Jen-Hsun said during the company’s earnings call.

The question is if this is actually true or does it have to do something with the fact that AMD is providing the processor for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which are both selling in record numbers.

Asus launches keyboard, mouse and headset to capitalize on strong Gaming Customer Base

Asus has come a long way since it was established in 1989. The company started out with just motherboards but have since expanded into various segments such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones and they will also soon enter the smartwatch market which we reported on.

The company has become the fifth largest PC vendor (Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer are ahead of them) and in the most recent quarter they reported revenues of $3.33 billion.

While a majority of the revenue comes from their mobile division (Asus is the third largest notebook manufacturer), the motherboard / component business is still huge at 14% of the total business. Asus has a strong following amongst gamers as their graphics cards and other components are regarded as some of the best on the market.

Now Asus wants to capitalize on the strong following and brand they have in this segment with their new products released under the Strix Series. Here they are:

Strix DSP Gaming Headset

  • Unique 5-pole zero-crosstalk 3.5mm connector from headset
  • 3.5mm combined audio/mic connector for smart devices and PS4
  • USB connector for PCs and Macs
  • 60mm diameter, neodymium magnets
  • Detachable, unidirectional mic
  • Greater than 90% environmental noise cancellation
  • Dolby® Headphone, Dolby® Pro-Logic IIx, headphone amp, game spectrum profiles


Strix Claw Optical Gaming Mouse

  • Single gold-plated USB connector
  • PMW3310DH-AWQT optical sensor
  • 5000dpi / 130 inches per second
  • Weighs 110g (without cable)
  • 2m cable
  • Works with Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8


Strix Tactic Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Single gold-plated USB connector
  • Fully mechanical Cherry MX switches with 50-million-keystroke lifespan
  • Individually-backlit (orange) keys with four level settings
  • Up to 21 customizable keys (13 dedicated macro keys + 8 switchable macro/function (F1-F8) keys)
  • On-the-fly macro recording
  • Dual modes: plug-and-play hardware mode and software modes
  • Gaming mode (disables Windows key)
  • Macro mode (reassigns F1-F8 as macro keys)


Strix Glide Control and Strix Glide Speed Gaming Mouse Pad

  • Broad 400x300mm surface
  • Comfortable 3mm depth
  • Weights 219g (Glide Speed); 208g (Glide Control)


Google bets big on Live Streaming – twitch.tv to be acquired for $1 Billion?

Earlier this year Google already said that they could be interest in the Live-Streaming platform twitch.

Now that seems to become a reality, according to VentureBeat, Google is willing to pay $1 billion for the popular streaming site. Live-streaming continues to gain traction, it is the leading video platform for gamers and has more than 45 million visitors per month.

Google bought YouTube back in 2005 for $1.3 billion, with twitch they could further bolster their market position in this segment.

Google did not comment on the rumors but the acquisition would make sense for Google and looking at recent Silicon Valley purchases the amount seems realistic as nothing with potential goes under a billion these days.

Western Australia is looking into a ban for R18+ games

A report from the Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young people in Western Australia was released and it includes a recommendation to ban all R18+ rated video games.

Instead of a complete ban, the committee also puts an alternative on the table which would make it an offense to sell R18+ rated games to minors even if a parent would be present.

The R18+ rating was introduced in 2013, games that currently have the R18+ rating include: State of Decay, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Mortal Combat.

You can read the entire report here.

OnLive and Wikipad Join Forces to Bring Big Games to Mobile Devices

Press Release:

Wikipad, Inc., the leader in mobile gaming platforms, and OnLive(R), the leader in cloud gaming, have announced a partnership to bring full versions of AAA high-end PC games to Wikipad tablet and, in the near future, Wikipad’s Gamevice powered tablets. The OnLive Android app (available for download from the Google Play store) has been optimized for gameplay on Wikipad’s Android gaming tablet, the Wikipad 7.

Wikipad users can now experience AAA high-end PC gaming on the go via OnLive’s recently launched CloudLift(R) — a new subscription service in the US, Canada and UK that allowes fans to instantly access their digital games library anywhere on connected mobile devices, PC, Mac and TV. The power of OnLive’s muscle-bound cloud servers handle all of the heavy lifting required to stream AAA games to connected mobile devices such as tablets without users having to worry about hardware requirements. CloudLift will work on many connected devices providing gamers with access to their OnLive library of games, but Wikipad 7″ is the first gaming tablet with a gamepad controller adopting this service.

“Since our inception, it has been our goal to provide gamers with the industry’s most comprehensive gaming experience via a tablet. We have been fortunate to partner with some of the best gaming companies in the business, and now we are proud to introduce our PC gaming partner. Our new partner, OnLive, and their cloud gaming platform, CloudLift, provides users the most revolutionary gaming experience, both the best of mobile gaming and now the AAA console/PC gaming experience,” said Fraser Townley, President, Wikipad Inc. “As tablet gaming continues to emerge and dominate handheld gaming, we are seeing the Mobile Console manufacturers discontinue their ‘video game-only’ devices. Gamers demand physical gaming controls for AAA games as fingers get in the way of touch-screen-controlled games. Wikipad’s Gamevice combined with OnLive CloudLift provides a great experience for serious gamers who demand the best in AAA games.”

“Wikipad and Gamevice showcase perfectly how OnLive is bringing big games to small devices,” said Rick Sanchez, VP of Product and Marketing, OnLive. “Mobility and convenience are becoming increasingly important to gamers. The OnLive Game Service and CloudLift subscriptions are the delivery mechanisms that make high-end gaming possible on tablets. These superb hardware offerings from Wikipad enhance the player experience immeasurably and make even the latest, most graphically intensive games truly portable.”

In addition to Wikipad 7″, the partnership will eventually extend to the future release of Wikipad’s upcoming Gamevice which provides tablets with the necessary detachable gamepad with dual analog sticks, both L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons, an analog D-pad and four analog action buttons. Using proprietary technology, Gamevice allows users to connect their mobile devices in the Gamevice arm, and with the simplest of adjustments, use the flex bridge to lock it in place. Armed with Gamevice, tablet gamers can connect to their OnLive library via CloudLift and instantly stream their favorite PC games anywhere, anytime and enjoy the experience as if they were at home in front of gaming rig.