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Intel Increases Focus On Asia With $1.6 Billion Factory Expansion

Intel is increasing focus on Asia as the market will continue to experience strong growth in the future.

The chipmaker today announced that it will be expanding the factory located in Chengdu for $1.6 Billion which will be supported by the government.

“Deploying our newest advanced testing technology in China shows our commitment to innovating jointly with China. The fully upgraded Chengdu plant will help the Chinese semiconductor industry and boost regional economic growth,” said William Holt, Intel Executive Vice President.

Intel has increased the focus on Asia in recent years, especially in China and understand the importance of investing in the region and working with the government in order to be successful. Many other international companies fail to do exactly that and are therefore locked out of China.

TV Shipments Set To Reach 230 Million In 2015

According to Digitimes, TV shipments will grow 10% in 2015 and reach 230 million units.

The increase is driven by the demand for large-size TVs in established markets and small-sized TVs in emerging markets.

In the US there will be strong demand for Ultra HD TVs and China will see increased sales on UHD TVs in the 40 and 50 inch segment.

In emerging markets there is mainly demand for 24, 26 and 32 inch TVs.

Samsung is planning to ship 60 million TVs which would give them a 26% global market share.

Apple Confirms iCloud Hacking Attack

Apple has released a warning to customers in regards to “intermittent organized network attacks using insecure certificates to obtain user information.”

The company did stress that the iCloud servers had not been compromised and user data is save.

Apparently these attacks are coming from China, the hackers have managed to intercept the iCloud login page.

Apple shows how the login pages are supposed to look like on the support page.