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Amazon Gives Student $6,000 Of Free Stuff

Robert Quinn is a 22 year old student in London and Amazon just took care of all the Christmas shopping and the cost of designing a cannabis grinder!

Last week the deliveries just started pouring in: he received a 55-inch 3D TV worth about $1,400, a Galaxy Tab Pro which would usually have set him back over $500, two more tablets, a leaf blower, a stroller, a PSP console, a projector and other items.

In an interview with Daily Mail Robert said the following:

“At first I phoned up Amazon and they said that people must be ‘gifting’ them to me, but there’s no way that’s happening because I don’t know any of these people,” he said.

“I was worried that people were losing out on their stuff so I phoned Amazon again and said I’m happy to accept these gifts if they are footing the cost, but I’m not happy if these people are going to lose out. But Amazon said ‘it’s on us’.”

The student said he would give away some of the products as Christmas presents, some to charity and sell others so he could fund a cannabis grinder he has been working on.

Here is a list of some items he received, you can read his interview here.

Item Price
Samsung 55 inch 3D TV £889
Galazy Tab Pro £338
Radeon R9 290X graphics card £250
Cosatto Supa Baby Buggy £150
Draper leaf blower £130
Large Nobo projector screen £120
Brabantia ironing board £70
Small Android tablet £70
Tonbux tablet £62
Bookcase £50
Dimplex Optiflame Heater £50
Mobius HD Action cam £50
Sony PSP console £50
Wahl professional shaver £50

Amazon Dumps Fire Phone Price Again – Now $200 Without A Contract

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Fire Phone before it launched but it was not what we expected when it was released in June.

It did not have the glass-free 3D display and the phone itself was clearly designed to tie customers in with the Amazon eco-system with only one end goal: buy more Amazon products.


One of the biggest flaws was the pricing and carrier strategy. It was exclusive to AT&T and the unlocked version cost $640 which was more than the Galaxy S5 at the time.

Now Amazon has dumped the price to $199.

Last quarter Amazon reported a $437 million loss and already warned there is more to come. What seems to be a race to zero for the Fire Phone surely doesn’t help.

Apple Will Pre-Install Beats Music

According to the Financial Times, Apple is going to pre-install Beats Music on all iOS devices starting early next year. Since the $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats there have been many rumors surrounding the streaming service Beats Music. People wondered if Apple would keep it around at all or integrate it with iTunes.

So it seems Apple is going to keep Beats as a separate brand to gain market share in the music streaming space. Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service with 50 million users of which 12.5 million are paying customers. Amazon offers free music streaming to Prime customers and Google has a number of offerings, most recently they released Music Key which could shake up the entire industry.

Certainly no lack of competition in the space which in the end only benefits consumers but continued price decreases of course also have a negative effect on the music industry in terms of earnings / royalties.

Walmart Sells PlayStation 4 For $89.99

Earlier this month Walmart a price match campaign which has now backfired. The pricing policy of the retail giant states the following: “We’re committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a current lower online price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we’ll match it.”

All you have to do is bring a screen shot of a deal you found online to a cashier and you will get the discount to match the price online. What they clearly didn’t consider is the fact that people can easily put up an item for sale as a third party seller on Amazon themselves, take the screen shot and get the discount from Walmart.

This is what appears to have happened now, someone took to Twitter and posted this picture after having purchased the gaming console at Walmart.

Walmart PS4

Source: CNBC

Xbox One Special Offer – $349 at Selected Retailers During Holiday Season

If the Xbox One has been out of reach for you in terms of budget, the holiday season is coming which always means special offers and that is going to be the case for the Xbox One as well. Starting on November 2nd Microsoft will role out a number of special offers starting at $349.

You can also get $50 of special editions or bundles.

“Fans don’t have to wait for Black Friday this year to enjoy great savings on Xbox One. We’re offering our best price yet, with unprecedented choices and value, so more people can play on Xbox One this holiday,” said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president, Microsoft. “We’re gearing up for one of our biggest holidays ever and we are thrilled to offer fans up to $150 in savings on Xbox One and some of the biggest blockbuster games of the season.”

The Xbox One Assasin’s Creed Bundle is going to be available on November 2nd for $349.

AssassinsCreed Bundle_Final

These bundles are also going to be available with special pricing.

This special promotion will be available nationwide at most major national retailers in the U.S., including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Stores, Target, Toys ‘R Us and Walmart

Amazon Earnings: Huge Loss, More to Come

Amazon had already warned investors that they were going to lose money in the third quarter but no one expected that the e-commerce giant would post a whopping $437 million in net loss.

During the same period last year the company lost $41 million. Amazon also warned that they were going to lose even more money during this quarter. The projected net loss will be $570 million.

With that in mind, nobody seemed to care about the fact that revenue increase 20% to $20.6 billion. Investors punished the company, the stock was down over 10% in after-hour trading.

Amazon invested a lot in the Fire Phone, however it has not been as successful as planned and the company had to cut the price down from $199 to $1 in order to get some volume which has had a negative effect on the profitability.

Amazon shares are down about 10% in pre-market trading which means we are almost sure to see the stock at a 52 week low.

Google Steps Up Online Security

Security online is becoming increasingly important for consumers and as such it is a big focus for companies as well as they want to ensure users that they can be trusted with their data.

When the iCloud accounts of many celebrities were hacked back in September, many security specialists said it could have been avoided by implementing a 2-step verification process.

Google has now taken it a step further. They already had  2-step verification where you had to send a code from your phone to proof your identity.

Today the company announced Security Key, a physical USB second factor that only works after verifying the login site is truly a Google website, not a fake site pretending to be Google. Rather than typing a code, just insert Security Key into your computer’s USB port and tap it when prompted in Chrome. When you sign into your Google Account using Chrome and Security Key, you can be sure that the cryptographic signature cannot be phished.

The additional security feature is free but you will need to buy a FIDO compatible USB drive. You can find them on Amazon.