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iPhone Market Share More Than Triples

The iPhone 6 has given Apple a record third quarter but if we look at the latest research figures and taking into consideration that Apple has made it available in a lot more countries during this quarter, it is pretty certain that Apple is going to report record iPhone sales.

According to analyst firm Kantar Group, the iPhone has gained a lot of market share in the U.S., Japan, Germany and Great Britain.

In Great Britain the iPhone market share more than tripled from 8.5% to 31%. In Japan it also almost tripled from 17% to 48% while market share in the U.S. increased to 41.5%, up from 32.6%.

In Germany the market share was up 5.1% to 16.9%. According to the report some other regions in the EU decreased and so did the market share in China but could be down to the late launches and the fact that a majority of the market in those regions is in the entry level space.

Some positive news after the class action law suit has made headlines in the last few days.

Patent Drawing Reveals Next Generation Google Glass

Google Glass was the hit when it was showcased during the Google Developer Conference back in 2012. But the product has struggled recently both in terms of the image problem it has and general development making it a product that Google can bring to the masses.

Google doesn’t seem to be distracted by that though, just earlier this week it was reported that the next generation of Google Glass will feature an Intel processor which could result in improved efficiency and Intel is also said to be involved on the hardware side of things.

Google has filled for a patent which included a drawing of what could be the next generation Glass.


What’s new / different:

  • The camera and screen has been shifted to the right eye
  • No large battery
  • Ear hooks (batteries?)
  • No nose support

Can Google make Google Glass a success after all with a new design, updated hardware and the Intel partnership?

Intel Acquires Password Manager & Generator PassBox

PassBox, a password manager which launched about a year ago has been downloaded 14 million times.

The app saves all your web IDs online and you can than login to all of your sites just using the app. PassBox also helps you to generate strong passwords.

Today Intel has announced that they acquired the Montreal based company. All 44 employees are keeping their jobs.

No financial details were disclosed.

GoPro Set To Launch $500 – $1000 Drones

GoPro is looking to expand the product offering with consumer drones costing between $500 and $1000.

At the moment there is really only one player in this segment, DJI with the Phantom Quadcopter which costs just over $1000 and comes with a HD video camera that allows live streaming and connects to your smartphone via an app.

DJI Phantom

The DJI Phantom also comes without a camera, the basic model is priced at $429.

GoPro has a huge loyal customer base and this could potentially ad a lot of revenue for the company. According to reports, DJI generated $125 million in revenue last year and projected $400 million for this year. Once GoPro enters the space it will be interesting to see what happens to DJI.

GoPro reported $244.6 million in revenue last quarter, looking at what DJI has done you can do the math on the potential upside for GoPro.

Source: TWSJ

Twitter Releases New Shopping Feature Called “Offers”

Unlike Facebook which continues to grow revenue at an insane rate, Twitter has struggled to find ways to make money. Back in September Twitter started testing a buy button where you could buy directly from a Tweet.

Now Twitter has launched a new feature in the US which is called Twitter Offers.

With Offers, Twitter wants to give advertisers the possibility to connect with consumers on the social media platform and turn them into customers.

Here is how it works:

twitter offers

The fact that Offers is connected to consumers regular credit and debit card will be a big plus as the implementation is straight forward.

When it comes to privacy, Twitter ensures consumers that the card details are encrypted and can be deleted at any time.

The feature is available to selected advertisers for now during the holiday season.

Elon Musk Hints At BMW Partnership, Factory Expansion And Talks Down On Hybrids

Elon Musk is know for being outspoken and in a recent interview with German media Der Spiegel he criticized the large automakers, revealed talks with BMW and said he is not a fan of hybrids.

Earlier this month it was made public that Daimler (owner of Mercedes) was going to close the only battery factory in Germany. The Tesla CEO criticized the large German car makers for not investing more in the development of batteries as they have all the right conditions to do so. Long term Musk said that Tesla would open a battery factory in Germany.

He also revealed that Telsa is in talks with BMW over a partnership when it comes to batteries and charging station.

When Elon Musk was asked about plug-in-hybrid cars he said they are like amphibious vehicles: not ideal on water and not ideal on land.