iPhone Market Share More Than Triples

The iPhone 6 has given Apple a record third quarter but if we look at the latest research figures and taking into consideration that Apple has made it available in a lot more countries during this quarter, it is pretty certain that Apple is going to report record iPhone sales.

According to analyst firm Kantar Group, the iPhone has gained a lot of market share in the U.S., Japan, Germany and Great Britain.

In Great Britain the iPhone market share more than tripled from 8.5% to 31%. In Japan it also almost tripled from 17% to 48% while market share in the U.S. increased to 41.5%, up from 32.6%.

In Germany the market share was up 5.1% to 16.9%. According to the report some other regions in the EU decreased and so did the market share in China but could be down to the late launches and the fact that a majority of the market in those regions is in the entry level space.

Some positive news after the class action law suit has made headlines in the last few days.

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