GoPro Set To Launch $500 – $1000 Drones

GoPro is looking to expand the product offering with consumer drones costing between $500 and $1000.

At the moment there is really only one player in this segment, DJI with the Phantom Quadcopter which costs just over $1000 and comes with a HD video camera that allows live streaming and connects to your smartphone via an app.

DJI Phantom

The DJI Phantom also comes without a camera, the basic model is priced at $429.

GoPro has a huge loyal customer base and this could potentially ad a lot of revenue for the company. According to reports, DJI generated $125 million in revenue last year and projected $400 million for this year. Once GoPro enters the space it will be interesting to see what happens to DJI.

GoPro reported $244.6 million in revenue last quarter, looking at what DJI has done you can do the math on the potential upside for GoPro.

Source: TWSJ

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