Microsoft’s Latest Surface Ad Makes Fun Of The MacBook Air

Microsoft has launched a new Surface Pro 3 ad which once again takes aim at Apple.

“Both a tablet and a laptop in one device? Crazy.

Well, not really. Surface Pro 3 is that and more. Pen, Kickstand, Adobe Photoshop, detachable Keyboard, Office and Windows. The list goes on. Surface Pro 3 – the tablet that can replace your laptop. ”

Let’s compare the two devices objectively: The 12″ Surface 3 Pro and MacBook Air are both powered by an Intel i5 processor, have 4 GB of RAM and the entry-level model has 128 GB of storage. The MacBook Air has up to 12 hours of battery life while the Surface Pro 3 only has 9 hours.

The main advantage of the Surface Pro 3 is obviously the detachable but you will have to buy that separately just like the docking station. The Surface Pro 3 alone costs $999, once you include the keyboard and docking station it will set you back another $300. The MacBook Air retails for $989.

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