YouTube Launches Music Streaming Subscription Service

Google is going to launch the highly anticipated music streaming service Music Key under the YouTube brand on Monday November 17th. The invite-only service is going to be available in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland and Portugal. With your $9.99 subscription you are going to automatically have access to Google Play Music as well.

The ad-free service will allow you to watch videos and listen to music even when you have no internet connection or you use another app.

Members that will be invited to use the service are going to get six month for free and only pay $8 after if they decide to keep it.

Google has also launched a free music streaming service which includes advertising. The regular YouTube app will have a separate tab for music.

So what does this mean for the music streaming industry?

Companies like Spotify better watch out because with the reach of YouTube it would be strange if Music Key doesn’t become the largest music streaming service in a very short period of time.

Spotify has 50 million users of which 12.5 million use the subscription, advertising-free version. They are the largest streaming music service today however if you consider that YouTube has 1 billion monthly users, you do the math. The free music streaming service will be integrated with YouTube, if only a fraction of the regular visitors use it, Music Key will surpass all other services. The key for YouTube will be to convert visitors to the subscription service.

YouTube Music Key might just be what the masses and the music industry have been waiting for.

2 thoughts on “YouTube Launches Music Streaming Subscription Service

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