Twitter Teases New Features Including Video and Instant Timeline

Twitter has been struggling recently with slowing user growth and ways to generate revenue. Now the company has teased a number of things they are going to do in order to engage users more and generate revenue. Twitter told analysts that they could potentially generate as much as $11 billion in revenue in five to eight years and that they will find ways to accelerate user growth and convert some of the 125 million users that come to the homepage on a monthly basis without signing in.

Here are some of the features that Twitter talked about:

  • Instant timeline which gives new users content without having to follow anyone. Algorithms will try and figure out what is interesting and important
  • A video feature (record, edit and share) will be launched early 2015
  • A feature called “what you missed” will show you the tweets since you last logged in
  • Next week you can share public tweets within private messages

The video feature is mist like the most anticipated of them all. Twitter has traditionally been extremely slow to roll out new features and changes so we will have to see if they can deliver this time around.

One thought on “Twitter Teases New Features Including Video and Instant Timeline

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