Google Offers DNA Testing For Employees And Family Members

Google is arguably the best place to work in the US. The perks and benefits are endless and unthinkable for most regular employees. Google has a large number of restaurants where employees can eat for free, gyms, car washes and they even cut your hair or do the dry cleaning for you. If that isn’t enough cool stuff for you, bringing your dog to work is not a problem and you can drink free beer.

The search giant of course also offers the more general but even more important things like health insurance, dental insurance and great maternity & paternity leave. If you are interest to read more about all the perks and benefits and how satisfied Google employees are, check out the glassdoor page.

Now Google has announced that starting January 1st it will make high-tech DNA testing available to employees and their family members who are suffering from cancer. The treatment usually costs between $5,800 and $7,200 and gives cancer victims and their doctors detailed insight into what drugs are best to treat their specific condition.

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