Bose vs Apple Battle Heats Up

It all started back in July when Bose filled a law suit against Beats Electronics for patent infringement over noise-cancelling headphones. At the end of last week the companies announced that they have settled outside of court but the war between Bose and Beats (now owned by Apple) is far from over.

Bose is determined to take market share in the high-end market segment and is going aggressively targeting Beats which has over 60% market share while Bose counts for just over 20%. In August Bose announced a deal with the NFL, making it the official headset brand for the league. With that, Bose and NFL released a statement and rules which bans all players for wearing Beats headphones 90 minutes prior and after games, during interviews or other public appearances related to the NFL.
Beats is getting a lot of exposure from NFL players who either have their own sponsorship contract with Beats or wear the Beats headphone by choice, those days are over.

It now seems that the fight has gone into the next round. According to MacRumors, Apple is going to remove all Bose products from the Apple store as they see a conflict with Beats products.

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