GoPro Launches 3 New Cameras – 4K Video Capable, Touch-Screen and Cheapest GoPro Yet

GoPro announced three new cameras today including the much anticipated Hero4 Black, all new devices will be available on October 5th.

GoPro Cameras

Here is the overview of the three new models:

Hero4 Black:

The new flagship camera will be retailing at $499, which is $100 above the Hero3 Black which has been the best selling product for GoPro. But the higher price gives you some stunning features: How about shooting 4K videos at 30 FPS, 1080p videos at 120 FPS and take 12 MP photos at 30 FPS?

Hero4 Silver:

The mid-range device from GoPro comes with a touch-screen which is new for a GoPro device and will retail for $399. This is clearly targeted at a more mainstream or new GoPro users as existing GoPro users in the professional segment would already be equipped with the LCD Touch BacPac if they wanted that feature.

The Hero4 Silver still has impressive specs: it is capable of 1080p videos up to 60 FPS and 720p videos up to 120 FPS. Like the Hero4 Black it also offers 4k capability but only at 15 FPS. The photo quality is the same, 12 MP photos at 30 FPS.


Now this is a device that will get people excited for sure, especially the more mainstream consumers who didn’t see the need in spending several hundred dollars on an action camera but have been dreaming of a GoPro.

It is by far the cheapest GoPro camera so far and will only set you back $129. For that you will be able to shoot 1080p videos at 30 FPS, 720p videos at 60 FPS and take 5 MP photos at 5 FPS.


Investors certainly reacted well to the announcement as GoPro hit a record high on NASDAQ – $90.94 at closing, up 10.77% for the day. GoPro went public in June at $24, the stock has been on fire ever since. It took a short hit back in August when quarterly earnings where announced but the market clearly realized the potential this company has. The main concern has been larger companies coming focusing on the action camera market as GoPro has created a market big enough to make it a segment worth looking at. HTC has been rumored to release an action camera in October and there is no doubt heavy-weights in the traditional camera market such as Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung have something in the works. But is it not going to be easy for even those companies to take on GoPro. The company created this segment, a strong and loyal customer base and is looking beyond that already. The real value will come once the company can use the strong customer base and generate revenue as a media company. From the comments CEO Nicholas Woodman made during an interview with CNBC, it is clear that this is something the company is working on already, here is what he had to say:

“Three years ago, we realized we were succeeding as a consumer product company because of the popularity of the content people were sharing. We realized we are as much in the content-enablement business as in the product business. If we make it possible to create and share compelling content at scale, we’ve got a compelling media opportunity. Most people, when you ask them what they think about when they think about GoPro, they think about all the content online. That’s the definition of a successful media company, right? There is an opportunity to monetize that content. But the growing proliferation of all the content is growing our brand and helping sell our products. So we are already in a sense getting media revenue.

GoPro is now valued at $11.46 billion, looking at current revenues at around $1 billion a year (based on last quarters financials), that seems high but investors realize the potential to further grow the market segment GoPro created and the opportunities to leverage the large and loyal customer base to create a media outlet are endless.







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