Huawei Invests $4 Billion in Broadband Technology

Huawei today announced a massive investment in broadband technology, a whopping $4 billion over the next three years.

The goals is to provide improved service experience to end users. The emerging and rapidly growing 4k video industry is a driving factor as Huawei is looking to expand the pipeline capacity.

Huawei Products and Solutions President, Mr. Ryan Ding said, “Huawei has always been focused on customer needs and adding value through core technologies and innovation. As an information and communications technology leader, Huawei recognizes Fixed Broadband as a key direction for strategic investment and will continue to increase the scale of investment in related technologies, core products and solutions. Our investment will further develop technological advances, help customers increase their competitiveness and decrease overall operating costs.”

Huawei predicts the next three years will be a turning point for FBB development. While the outlook for the industry remains bright, there are areas where industry-wide cooperation is essential. Huawei hopes that through its significant investment and key partnerships it can build a win-win ultra-broadband ecology, furthering the systematic growth of the global FBB industry.


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