Polaroid Looking to Expand Action Camera Market with $99 Device

Polaroid is mostly known for instant film cameras which they launched in 1948. The company was hugely successful under founder Edwin Land at the end of the 70s the company was selling around 15 million cameras a year.

During the 80s however the trouble started and without the founder steering the ship, the company was unable to reinvent itself. In 2001 the company filled for bankruptcy.

Now the brand is looking to make a major comeback in the action camera segment. They are not going after GoPro though, Polaroid is looking to expand the action camera market with the Cube device priced at $99.


Here are the specifications:

  • Built-in Magnets on top and bottom allow for stacking and sticking onto any metal surface.
  • Captures video in high-definition 1920×1080 or 1280×720 and images at 6.0MP.
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens provides 124 degrees of coverage.
  • Supports Micro SD up to 32GB.
  • One-Button operation allows for instant accessibility.
  • Built-in Microphone and LED Light.
  • High capacity battery allows for 90 minutes of undisturbed footage.
  • Splashproof, Weather Resistance and Shockproof features.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Compatible with a complete series of accessories and mounts.

The magnet is a very cool feature but if you want to have the camera on other surfaces the company also offers a number of accessories such as a helmet mount, bike mount and strap mount.

The Polaroid Cube is available in black, blue and red.



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