Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 – Android L Update in November / December

Android L was first announce during Google I/O in June. The update which is said to be called “Android Lemon Meringue Pie” is going to be available for the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 in late November or early December according to Sammobile.


Here is a quick look at what the new version will bring.

Android L – Connected, faster, efficient and better looking
The new version of Android is going to be available for developers on June 26, for the regular consumer there is no exact release date, Google just stated it is going to be officially launched “this fall”.
What Google showcased looked promising:

  • You are always going to be connected with Android L.

“We want to know where you are, and we want to be voice enabled. It shouldn’t matter which device you are using, we should pick up where you left off.”

Calls, text messaging, notifications etc can all show up on your PC, your search history accounts and apps – everything is synchronized between all your devices.

  • Improved battery life

Google is going to give developers access to the battery use. A battery saver mode is also going to be integrated which can increase the battery life by up to 90 minutes per day.

  • A new design

The new OS is going to have the same look and feel across all platforms.

The look and feel is clean, yet colorful, flat but also dimensional.

One of the biggest improvements that consumers are going to notice are the notifications which are much more user friendly in this version, can be viewed on the lockscreen and are customizable beyond that.

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