Germany Wants Access to Google’s Secret Sauce

Google has been the target of EU regulators for quite some time now. It seems governments in Europe are not too pleased with how Google dominates the European market. Despite what has been thrown at Google, they still have 90% market share in the search engine segment compared to 68% in the US for example.

The “fight” has just been taken to the next level. Germany’s justice minister Heiko Maas, said in an interview with Financial Times, that Google needs to be “more transparent” about how they create the search engine rankings. What does that mean? Basically he is saying Google has to give access to their search algorithms which has made the company what they are today. Of course competitors are behind this and claim that Google is abusing their dominant position in the market. No doubt they would not mind getting access to the algorithms and IP which Google has spend years on.

Our opinion: Just ridiculous! Google will never allow anybody access to their algorithms and European politicians should stop this witch hunt, they surely have other bigger issues to focus on.

1 thought on “Germany Wants Access to Google’s Secret Sauce

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