HTC Rumored to Release Waterproof Action Camera, Delays Smartwatch

HTC has seen revenue decline for three years now and even though the flagship device M8 One has had a positive impact on profitability, the company is looking at other product segments in order to diversify and increase revenue again.

It has been rumored for a while that HTC would turn to Android Wear and release a smartwatch but that market is extremely competitive already with LG, Samsung, Motorola and Asus all having launched their watches already. At the beginning of 2015, the Apple Watch will be available too.

So apparently HTC has decided to put their resources elsewhere. According to Bloomberg, the company is going to release a waterproof action camera to go up against GoPro.

The camera will include both Wifi and Bluetooth, an app is in the making for iOS and Android as well.The device is going to be released on October 8th.

GoPro dominates the action camera market and generated $244.6 million (up 38% compared to last year) last quarter. The June IPO has given the company additional funds to invest in R&D and the company is also rumored to be working on a social media platform for their loyal customer base.

So can HTC really challenge GoPro in this space?


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