Asus ZenWatch Teaser Video, Press Conference Livestream, Availability and Price

We have written several articles about the upcoming Asus smartwatch.

A first sketch of the smartwatch was already posted on the Asus Facebook page:

asus smartwatch

The company also released a teaser video on YouTube, but actually the sketch shows more. If you want to watch the teaser video anyway, you can find it here.

Tomorrow the big unveiling will take place at IFA in Berlin. We will of course be putting together a piece for you with all the features and images but if you don’t want to wait for us to be done typing you can follow the press conference live here.

Two things are already confirmed: availability and price. Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus confirmed that the smartwatch is going to be available in October and will be priced at $199. It was earlier reported that the smartwatch would be priced at $99 – $149 but now it seems the company is going to be around the same price as the first smartwatches from LG and Samsung. This changes a few things: Asus doesn’t have an ecosystem that is as strong as Samsung or LG so it will have to convince consumers to purchase their device because of design or unique features. Can it keep up with the LG G Watch R or the Samsung Gear S, two of the best looking smartwatches so far next to the Moto 360.

We will have to wait to come up with a final verdict after the press event tomorrow.

The smartwatch market is going to be full of new releases and a race between all brands in terms of design, features and pricing. IFA will bring you some of the new devices and in exactly one week, maybe the most anticipated event will take place in Cupertino where Apple will be launching the iWatch and iPhone 6.

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