In Asia Phablets Are So Yesterday. Users put Tablets to Their Faces to Make Calls

Phablets have been the trend lately but according to research firm IDC that is not the case in Asia anymore. Tablets now often have cellular voice capabilities and that has helped tablets grow and reach a total of 13.8 million units during the second quarter. 25% of these tablets had voice calling over cellular networks as an option built-in to the device.

This translates to more than 60% growth on a year-on-year basis in unit terms for this category of tablets, which also incidentally happen to be 100% Android-based.

“This shift highlights the sustained interest among consumers, at least in emerging markets, to have a single mobile device for all their needs – be it watching movies and soap operas, taking pictures, texting or making calls, even if the device has a huge 7” screen on it. It also helps that these devices are quite affordable, playing in the entry-to-mainstream price bands in most markets,” IDC says.

It might look strange but people in Asia don’t seem to care and prefer just to have one single mobile device.


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