3 New Kickstarter Projects worth looking at – Smart Garden, Bluetooth Padlock and Tangle free Earbuds

Kickstarter is an amazing platform to get funding for creative ideas, products and bring them to market. We have seen many successful projects in the past, we have selected three new technology projects that we think are worth looking at:


Eve and Adam make your garden smart

Smart Home has been the buzz word lately, well check out your smart garden – introducing Eve and Adam.

Eve and Adam

The Eve Ecosystem monitors soil moisture throughout your yard, then takes control to optimize watering . Put a few Adam wireless moisture sensors around the yard, boot up your smart phone, and forget about your sprinklers. Eve controls your entire irrigation system, deciding when to water, and for how long.

eve and adam 1

Even was build to interact with the SmartThings platform so you will either have to buy a SmartThings hub separately or chose the bundle option on Kickstarter.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more information or to become a backer.


no key. no problem

Noke padlock replaces your keys and combination locks with your smartphone. You always know where your smartphone is but how much time to you spend on looking for the keys in your pockets or bag, or god forbid you lost them all together.

With noke all you need is the app, it connects the padlock to your phone via bluetooth.


The company isn’t only positioning the noke for the home user but also has a neat feature where you can give access to multiple people at specific times and track it as well.

noke office

But what if actually lose your phone or your battery dies? It seems the company has thought of that as well with something called Quick-Click which allows you to create a custom access code.

noke gif

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more information or to become a backer.


No more tangled earbuds


Not all great products or ideas have to be complicated. We like the simplicity yet usefulness of SLIDE, the earbuds that promise to put an end to the tangled frustration.

SLIDE features cables that seal together. The earbuds also include a noise-cancelling microphone and remote.


Not much more to say about this project.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more information or to become a backer.



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