New Huawei Ascend P7 will feature a Sapphire Display

Huawei is a rising brand in the smartphone market. The Chinese electronics giant has shipped 34 million phones in the first six month of the year and most recent data from research firm IDC shows just how rapidly they are growing. 20.3 million of the total number so far this year was shipped during the second quarter. Huawei now has a market share of 6.9%, the year over year growth on number of units shipped is a staggering 95.1%.

As we reported on previously, most of the sales has come from the entry level and mid range phones. Huawei wants to ship 80 million phones this year and 20% of these will be high-end models if their strategy plans out.

The company needs to continue to invest when it comes to positioning themselves as a premium brand and innovating on the product side.

With the new flagship Ascend P7 model they seem to be doing just that. Just like the iPhone 6, the P7 will feature a sapphire display.

In an interview with 21st Century Business Herald, Yu Chengdong (Device Chairmain at Huawei) showed a prototype of the new device and also mentioned that the company will continue to shift their focus to the high-end market as they need to start increasing their profit long term, something which is difficult to do in the lower end of the market.

He also mentioned that cloud services and big data are continuing to make smartphones better and Huawei is investing a lot in this area to ensure it can differentiate from competitors and bring out new features for consumers.

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