WhatsApp competitor with end-to-end encryption launched by German Postal Service!

You could have thought of a number of companies launching a messaging service to go up against WhatsApp but the German Postal Service most likely didn’t come to mind.

Well, today the company announced SIMSme which is a messaging app with end-to-end encryption. Not only that, the company is promising that all data is stored on German servers only and users can permanently delete data themselves.

Now why do we think this is a serious threat to Faceook / WhatsApp? Earlier it was announced that WhatsApp reached more than 500 million users. Germany alone had over 30 million users! The $19 billion acquisition already had some people concerned when it came to privacy and the NSA scandal certainly hasn’t been forgotten by anyone, especially not in Europe.

If SIMSme gains traction in Germany, WhatsApp has to worry about losing users in one of their biggest markets.

SIMSme is available for both android and iOS and much like WhatsApp you can send photos, videos and share geographical data.

2 thoughts on “WhatsApp competitor with end-to-end encryption launched by German Postal Service!

  1. Th3Observist

    Interesting. I really do hope more and more messenger services focus on encryption. I actually wouldn’t mind paying for a premium for it. Too many people are naive and offer the statement ‘I have nothing to hide’.

  2. thetechglobe Post author

    Agreed. Both Google and Yahoo are working on end-to-end encryption for their email services. As consumers grow more concerned about their privacy, companies have no choice but to go down that path.


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