PlayStation 4 – 10 million units sold, profitable after 6 month!

The PlayStation 4 has been outselling the Xbox One since the two consoles launched. Now Sony has come out with specific numbers which show just how successful the new console has been.

They have sold 10 million units since launch, that is actual sales to consumers not to their retail channel. Not only that, the company has managed to turn a profit after just six month, something that took them three years with the PlayStation 3.

The holiday season is ahead so we can expect the number of sold units to increase quite a bit until the end of the year.

Microsoft however is not giving up the fight. In June sales of the Xbox One double after they decreased the price from $499 to $399 and yesterday they announced that “Rise of Tomb Raider” will be exclusively available on Xbox One. In time for the holiday season Xbox has also come out with a number of new bundles – Call of Duty, Sunset Overdrive and Fifa 2015.

We will see who comes out ahead in the holiday season, two companies fighting it out to get consumers on their side can only benefit the customer.

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