Google and others to build 60Tb/s connection between US and Asia – Investing $300 million

Google has teamed up with China Mobile, China Telecom, Global Transit, KDDI and SingTel and will invest $300 million to build “FASTER” which is a trans-pacific cable system which will be supplied by NEC.

The system will be built with 6-fiber-pair cables with a capacity of 60Tb/s. The project starts immediately and the target date for completion is the second quarter of 2016.

The companies are looking to solve challenges when it comes to the increasing amount of traffic between the continents.

“FASTER is one of a few hundred submarine telecommunications cables connecting various parts of the world. These cables collectively form an important infrastructure that helps run global Internet and communications,” said Woohyong Choi, the chairman of the FASTER executive committee

“NEC Corporation is proud to be the system supplier for the FASTER cable system, a state-of-the-art long haul system that will provide additional connectivity and capacity between regions of the world that increasingly require more bandwidth,” said Naoki Yoshida, general manager at NEC’s Submarine Network Division.

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