Consumer Reports: A number of problems with the Tesla S

Our Tesla articles are amongst the most popular on The Tech Globe. There is no doubt the company has changed the public perception of electric cars. The automaker sold close to 8,000 last quarter and in the fourth quarter they are projecting to deliver 13,000 Model S to consumers.

Tesla also announced a partnership with Panasonic to built a gigactory to produce cells, modules and packs for Tesla cars and for the stationary energy storage market. This will be important to drive down cost and increase the quality of batteries in the future.

The Model S has been a highly awarded car and few reports have been published on any issues. Consumer Reports has been driving about 15,000 miles with the Model S and found a number of minor issues:

  • The automatic-retracting door handles wouldn’t work sometimes (Tesla fixed the issue with an update)
  • The center screen went blank at around 12,000 miles. A big issue considering that’s how you control most functions of the car. A service center fixed the issue with a hard reset
  • A buckle for the removable third row broke (the shop replaced the entire row with an upgraded version)
  • Front trunk lid wasn’t responding to the release
  • EV charger adapter came apart

So it seems like they had quite a few small issues which are unique to Tesla. That being said, the service seems to be outstanding. Which automaker just replaced the entire row with an upgraded version when a buckle is broken? One of the service centers visited also took the initiative to simply replace the 12-volt battery, the HVAC filter housing, and the powertrain battery’s coolant pump.

Consumer Reports is going to release the reliability analysis later this fall, it will be interesting to see what the results will be.

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