iPhone 6 set to launch on September 9th! 5.5″ still delayed?

Apparently Apple has set the date for the iPhone 6 launch – September 9th. The new flagship model which is in production, being built by an army of robots, is set to feature a sapphire display. Apple is also going to release two versions – a 4.7″ and 5.5″. It will be interesting to see if both models are going to be released in September, as we previously reported that the 5.5″ model was expected to be delayed until 2015.

Maybe the robots managed to pull in the schedule so the company can have a real launch event as Apple needs the bigger screen iPhone 6 to compete with larger screen smartphones and phablets from competitors like Samsung.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 6 set to launch on September 9th! 5.5″ still delayed?

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