Huawei continues to rise – shipped 34 million phones this year

The Chinese telecom company is investing a lot in the smartphone market as they aim to challenge Apple and Samsung. Back in 2010 Huawai shipped just over 3 million smartphones, so far this year they have already shipped 34 million and the second half of the year usually accounts for more units.

Most of the sales has come from the entry level and mid range phones. Huawei wants to ship 80 million phones this year and 20% of these will be high-end models if their strategy plans out.

Huawei had a 4.7 percent share of the global smartphone market in the first quarter of this year, a distant third behind Samsung Electronics with 30.8 percent and Apple with 15.2 percent, according to IDC.

“We recorded faster growth in areas such as Middle East and Africa and Latin America, with 275 percent and 550 percent year-on-year growth in the second quarter, respectively,” Shao Yang, vice president of marketing in the consumer business group, told Reuters in a written statement.

We think Huawei will continue to grow as they invest in new markets and expand their sales channels however they have a long way to go to reach the brand image of Samsung or Apple so selling 16 million high end phones is a stretch. Then again it depends on how they define high-end.

2 thoughts on “Huawei continues to rise – shipped 34 million phones this year

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