Google Play now shows you “Offline Games”

Most mobile gamers have experienced this: you finally have some time to play just to be greeted by an annoying message that tells you don’t have internet connection. Your mind was set on a certain game and now you have to go through your list of games and hope one of them will not require another feature download so you can just do a bit of gaming.

Google will lower your frustration going forward as they have now launched a new section on Google Play which highlights all games that can be played offline. That is a simple but nice addition and we also hope it will encourage developers to come out with more and quality games that are being promoted here.

And if you look at the list of games, there are some pretty good ones out there that you can play whenever you want: Asphalt 8, Ice Age Village and Bubble Witch Saga just to name a few. You can see the list of Offline Games here.

Offline Games

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