GoPro gets Xbox On-Demand Channel, sharing and buying features included

In recent month we have written several articles on GoPro. The camera manufacturer went public in June and the stock has since been flying high. So far all the revenue GoPro has generated comes from the cameras itself and the accessories. Investors are valuing the company more like a media company, and that is the direction GoPro is going into as well. The plan is to leverage the loyal user base and their content to enable the company to expand into new segments.

The first step in regards to that has been made as GoPro announced their Xbox One App Channel which allows users to stream GoPro content and share videos. Of course the company is trying to generate some revenue here as well, you will be able to purchase GoPro products directly within the Xbox One App / Channel.

Watch the promo video here (article continues after the video):

The company already had success with their content on the Xbox 360 but it was an important step to reach Xbox One users as console sales continue to grow. The Xbox One doubled in sales for June alone.

Here is what the two companies had to say:

Xbox 360 users have welcomed GoPro into their community with enthusiasm, and we expect the launch of the GoPro Channel on Xbox One to take that engagement to the next level,” said Adam Dornbusch, Head of Contest Distribution at GoPro. “The Xbox platform is a best in class over-the-top media platform and users are making the most of that by tuning into the GoPro Channel and watching it like they would a TV. We anticipate that trend to continue and grow among the Xbox One audience.”

The announcement of the GoPro Channel for Xbox One comes just in time for people to demo the app at Comic-Con International this week in San Diego. Xbox Lounge attendees can view teaser clips of exclusive content, watch a robust playlist of other GoPro-produced and user-generated videos and learn about new favorite and share features.

“Bringing the GoPro Channel to Xbox One has been a top demand from fans this year,” said Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. “GoPro athletes and fans alike can curate their favorite videos on their big screens right next to their favorite Xbox One games, and it’s super easy to switch between the two. I love that you can also buy GoPro cameras and gear right from the app!”

GoPro on Xbox One will be available in the following regions: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.

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