iWatch – 60 million units within a year?

While Apple is playing catch-up, and smartwatches based on Android Wear such as the Moto 360 has excited consumers in recent weeks, Apple could once again come in and dominate the market.

While IDC reported that the wearables market will grow to 111.9 million units by 2018, Morgan Stanley thinks that Apple could sell as much as 60 million units of the iWatch in the first year alone!



Why? Apple has an extremely strong ecosystem and a very loyal customer base. In addition to that the analysts predicts that the average selling price of the iWatch will be $300, that is a large premium compared to Samsung, LG or even the Moto 360 which are ranging from $199 – $249. Apple is know for charging a premium, with the iWatch they set out to take that a step further it seems after hiring a Tag Heuer executive to take the lead on iWatch marketing.

4 thoughts on “iWatch – 60 million units within a year?

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