iPhone 6 delayed until 2015?

Apple fans have been waiting for Apple to come out with the iPhone 6 and bring some real innovation to the market again. Previous new models have been slight improvements so early rumors surrounding a sapphire display and the bigger 5.5 “phablet” got people excited.

The sapphire display would be a first in the smartphone market and could certainly be something that puts the iPhone ahead of competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Consumers care about durability and the fact that Apple seems to have given in to the demand from consumers for a larger display has been well received as well.

Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone market as we reported on earlier. It seems however that while Samsung is launching one model after the other and doing well in the “phablet” space, Apple has hit a roadblock with the larger 5.5″ model. Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected KGO analyst says the 4.7″ model will be available later this year, but the larger flagship version is going to be delayed until next year. Samsung is quite successful with the Note series and this would certainly be a blow to Apple as it leaves the larger screen market to competitors.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 6 delayed until 2015?

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