Jaguar Virtual Windscreen – Just Awesome!

The Jaguar Virtual Windscreen is a concept but we sure hope the automaker will put this into production in the near future.

Many cars today already have heads up displays (HUDs) but this is taking it to the next level. You will be able to see your tachometer, speedometer, navigation and if you go racing on the track it will give you breaking guidance and show you the racing line.

It doesn’t stop here. You can upload your previous laps for a “ghost challenge” or race against other drivers.

This is just too cool and Jaguar needs to turn this concept into reality. From their statement it sure sounds like they are working towards that.

Jaguar said: “Showing virtual images that allow the driver to accurately judge speed and distance will enable better decision-making and offer real benefits for every-day driving on the road, or the track.”

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