Microsoft not entering smartwatch market – Only focusing on Fitness instead

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding a smartwatch from Mircosoft but according to new information the company is surprisingly not going to enter the market, instead they are going to release a fitness wristband later this year.

The wearable technology market is one of the fastest growing, it is set to triple this year to 19 million units sold and research firm IDC forecasts 111.9 million units by 2018.

Samsung was the first to launch but it is really expected to gain momentum with the recently announced Android smartwatch platform and the upcoming iWatch.

We reported on the Google I/O conference where the Samsung Gear Live, LG G and Moto 360 were showcased. Our personal favorite is the Moto 360 with the classic design, you can watch the demo video here.

In addition to the three announcements made during the Google event, we heard that Asus was looking to release an Android based smartwatch as well at a much lower price ($99 – $149) which might just be the sweet spot for an impulse purchase and push the technology mainstream.

So what exactly is Microsoft thinking? A device that tracks your fitness, heart rate, calories etc for the same price as a fully equipped smartwatch? The only good thing is that the device is set to work with any platform including Android and iOS but we just don’t get why Microsoft would focus on one market segment only. Consumers are not going to pay the same price for less features, that could only happen with the iWatch.

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