Goldman Sachs to Google – “Delete Highly Confidential Email”

Goldman Sachs was in the process of doing changes to their internal system. They hired a contractor for testing to ensure it meets the requirements of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This is when the mistake happen as an email containing brokerage account information of a Goldman Sachs customer was sent out to a random Gmail address instead of it going out internally at Goldman Sachs.

The company asked Google to delete the email but the search giant responded that it couldn’t and needed a court order.

Goldman Sachs went on to sue Google but now Google has come around. While they didn’t delete the email, they instead blocked access to it and apparently, even though this happened on the 23rd of June the email hadn’t been opened.

Here is that GS had to say:

“Google complied with our request that it block access to the email,” Goldman spokeswoman Andrea Raphael said. “It has also notified us that the email account had not been accessed from the time the email was sent to the time Google blocked access. No client information has been breached.”

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