Look out Tesla – Audi is coming!

According to research from Frost & Sullivan the global market for electrical cars is going to grow to approximately 2.7 million vehicles by 2018. To compare, last year only 180,000 electrical cars were sold.

There is no doubt that Tesla is in a leading position, especially in the high-end / luxury segment but the company will have to continue to innovative and also look at expanding into the more mainstream market as competitors are preparing for some big launches.

Audi showed of the Audi R8 e-tron in Frankfurt back in 2009 already but the launch has been delayed as they were not satisfied with the range. They now apparently fixed this and are ready to launch the R8 e-tron next year already, with a range of close to 300 miles.

Tesla is going to launch the model X SUV next year and Audi is apparently looking to enter that market with an electric Q8 as well. The concept certainly looks amazing:

audi q8 concept

Indications are that the Q8 is also going to be produced as a gasoline and diesel version in addition to a hybrid model.

It is clear that not only Audi but other automakers are going to bet big on the luxury electrical market in the coming years. A lot of the mentioned growth however is going to come from the mainstream market, while Tesla still has an advantage in terms of being first to market with both current and upcoming models, the U.S. company will have to look at coming out with a mainstream model in order to profit from the growth. Other automakers are obviously in that market already with their current models so it will be a tough battle which they will have to take on in addition to fight for the high-end market which they now basically have a monopoly on.

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