Google Glass Update – 2 GB RAM, improved battery, new camera features

The Google I/O developers conference is starting this week, Google already made an announcement in regards to an updated version of Google Glass.

Here is how they have upgraded the device:

  1. They doubled RAM from 1 to 2 GB
    A welcome upgrade as many users of the first version have complained that the 1 GB was not sufficient. Once you booth the Android OS only 682 MB will be free and that is filled up pretty quickly with some apps.
  2. Additional Google Now cards
    Google glass now reminds you where you parked your car and if any packages are coming your way.
  3. Battery life has improved by 20%
  4. Voice search is 10% faster
  5. A number of new apps have also been launched. Runtastic,, musiXmatch are a few of them. You can find the complete list of new Glassware here.

The innovation continues but a lot of people are still concerned about the product when it comes to privacy. Earlier this year research firm Toluna conducted a poll and found that 72% of Americans have privacy concerns.
Being hacked was the biggest fear and those questioned also had concerns about being distracted while using the device or being mugged.




2 thoughts on “Google Glass Update – 2 GB RAM, improved battery, new camera features

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