Apple playing catch-up – iWatch to be released in October

Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear in September 2013 and within the first two month sold over 800,000 units. They have already released the second and improved version and it seems Apple is finally coming to the table with rumors getting more concrete that the iWatch will actually go on sale in October this year.

The watch is going to have a number of sensors to monitor health, fitness, body temperature and a number of other features such as voice command, location tracking etc

Nothing revolutionary from what we can see. Of course the iWatch will be fit into the overall Apple ecosystem and the success of the device will depend on how many Apple users want to sync up their other devices with the smartwatch.

The wearable technology market is one of the fastest growing, it is set to triple this year to 19 million units sold and research firm IDC forecasts 111.9 million units by 2018.

5 thoughts on “Apple playing catch-up – iWatch to be released in October

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