Blackberry Comeback?

BlackBerry has struggled in recent years and most recently the BlackBerry 10 product line which the company was betting big on flopped.

The CEO was replaced and the company has focused more on services to become profitable.

Today they announced their latest quarterly results and reported a net income of $23 million. In the same period last year the company lost $84 million. Revenue for the first quarter came in at $966 million.

BlackBerry still has a strong customer base in the enterprise space and earlier this week they announced their new instant messaging feature called BBM Protected which comes with several layers of encryption something which is obviously a desirable feature for customers in the government, financial and military customers.

The company also announced a partnership with Amazon to integrate the Appstore with their devices.

If Blackberry can continue to grow their revenue and profits in the service segment, continue to keep and increase their customer base in the enterprise space and on top of that make new smartphones more successful than recent launches we might just see a comeback of a giant that was already pronounced dead.

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