GM recalls over 3 million cars – cost $2 billion

On Monday GM announced they are recalling over three million additional cars because of ignition switch issues.
GM has been on a role when it comes to recalls, worldwide they have recalled 20 million cars this year which the company says will cost them around $2 billion.

GM is blaming a fired engineer, Ray DeGiorgio, for the latest switch issues. He apparently designed switches which caused an earlier recall and was fired after that.
Seems to us that blaming him is a pretty lame and there are much bigger issues within the company. One person can not be responsible for that amount of recalls and the fact that the company didn’t change the design of switches that had a flaw previously already is hard to understand.

Despite all that GM sales continues to increase hitting record numbers in the US so far this year and Europe is a good market overall as well, most recently overall car sales rose over 4% in the region.

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