Global Internet Privacy Study Reveals Consumers’ Conflicting Views

EMC Corporation released the findings of the EMC Privacy Index, a global study assessing consumer attitudes of online privacy. Spanning 15 countries and 15,000 consumers, the study reveals consumers hold viewpoints on privacy that vary widely by geography and the type of activity engaged in while online.

The long-standing debate over how much visibility governments and businesses should have regarding people’s private activities, communications and behaviors has continued into the online world. The EMC Privacy Index explores how consumers worldwide view their online privacy rights and measures willingness to forfeit the benefits and conveniences of the connected world for the assurances of privacy.

The conclusion? People want benefits of technology without sacrificing privacy. Three privacy paradoxes emerged, each with powerful implications for consumers, businesses and technology providers.

News Summary:
•Taps into privacy attitudes of 15,000 consumers from 15 countries
•91% of respondents value the benefit of “easier access to information and knowledge” that digital technology affords
•Only 27% say they are willing to trade some privacy for greater convenience and ease online
•Only 41% believe government is committed to protecting their privacy
•81% expect privacy to erode over the next five years; 59% say they have less privacy than a year ago

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