Samsung aiming to take the lead with new Galaxy Tab S

Samsung is on a mission to take the lead in the tablet market, just as they did with their smartphones.

A big unveiling of their latest product, the Galaxy Tab S, took place in New York and the tablet looks impressive to say the least.

Both models are thinner and lighter than the iPads and the resolution is impressive at 2560×1600 for both. The contrast ratio of the Super AMOLED display is also insane at 100,000:1.
And even if you chose the 10.5inch version you will get a thinner and lighter tablet than the Apple iPad Air.

The Wi-Fi versions of the Tab S 8.4 will be available for $399.99, while the Tab S 10.5 will be $499.99

Samsung isn’t only being aggressive when it comes to features and price, they are also going to give the consumer a number of things to increase the value such as free six month subscriptions to Washington Post,, Wall Street Journal and a subscription to Bitcasa with 50GB free storage.

Overall this launch certainly had impact on the market and Apple should be worried about Samsung repeating what they did in the smartphone segment.

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